Rising to and ultimately becoming a Strategic Entrepreneur is entirely different to that of an Opportunity Seeker. Joining Rich Schefren’s Founders Club will help clarify the complete extreme difference between the two. When you are committed to being a Strategic Entrepreneur you are laser focused to your target. Strategic Profits will help guide you keep on track with specific projects while Opportunity Seekers continue to wander from one opportunity to another


Becoming a member of Richard Schefren’s Founders program provides you with many of the tools to be far more successful and clearly defines the role of a Strategic Entrepreneur. Rich explains the dangers of continuing on the destructive path of an Opportunity Seeker while simultaneously stressing the advantages of being a laser focused Founders Club member.


The Founders Club program is for people who still have the ability to think and use their mind wisely. New business owners or even people who just need help to be organised and successful will hugely benefit from joining the Founders program. It means a great deal to be professionally guided and for many of the key elements in Internet Marketing to be clarified by a man that has an awesome track history. Rich Schefren counts many well known names amongst his thousands of proven success stories.


The Strategic Entrepreneur will remain focused to the one target and avoid jumping from one opportunity to another. Being a member of the Founders Club equips you better to keep on course. Continual powerful audio messages, Rich Schefren’s now famous PDF reports together with video training will keep you at the forefront of where you need to be. Sooner rather than later you will become a real Strategic Entrepreneur never to look back. You first need a helping hand in order to make the journey to reach the target.


Founder members of Rich Schefren’s program often go on to achieve tremendous success. There are countless thousands of examples of the people who have achieved amazing things. Strategic Profits has a genuine agenda in helping people to make the change from just drifting on the Internet and then making the switch to a person with a dedicated mission and purpose to succeed.

Every Strategic Entrepreneur has a clearly defined purpose and a roadmap to where they want to go. They have their plan and with the help of an organisation like Strategic Profits they also have a winning formula. Join the Founders Club as the first major step on the right road to getting the support and backup that often proves vital. Becoming a Founder Club member provides you with a key to success.

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